Where are you going?

How do you find making decisions? Do you feel confident about the choices you make? Or, do you find it challenging – worry about getting it right, making a mistake, perhaps you will upset someone? Do you look to others to help you make choices?

Do you use your head? Do you respond or react to situations? Or, do you stop and ask your intuition, and then act on the guidance you’re given? D’you make choices from your heart and trust your knowing?

Avoiding making decisions allows us to avoid taking responsibility for creating the life we want. Fear of the unknown, thinking about consequences, can keep us stuck and we procrastinate.

How often do you stop and consider where you want to go in life? How well do you embrace change?

At the moment, there’s lots of uncertainty in the world. How do you see the furure? It’s good to take time to think about what matters to you, what sort of world you want to live in, what change you might want to see and what you can do to create that change.

When we connect with our heart, our soul, anything is possible!



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