About Glynis

As a certified mentor, coach and trainer, I inspire people to understand who they are..and to become more.  Initially working with clients to understand and move beyond any emotional fear, I now offer a mentoring service helping you to move beyond anything that limits, to know what you are capable of and create a vision of who you can be. The focus is on inner work; it’s a journey to the heart.

Brought up in a small village community in Scotland, I moved to London as a single girl to develop my career in the financial services world, before relocating to Hong Kong as a newlywed where I brought up two children, who are now developing careers in Tokyo and London. More recently I spent time in Australia and New Zealand, and two years ago I moved to Vanuatu in the middle of Covid. 

Moving countries introduced me to change, and, having experienced a fair amount, I understand how frightening it can be. Sometimes in the process we can forget who we are, so I work with people who want to find themselves and who have made a commitment to develop. I’ve fallen down many potholes on my journey, learned from mistakes,  finding peace through acceptance..

I enjoy walking with clients while they find their own answers so they can be who they really are and live life to the full!

Workshop in Hong Kong