Just be yourself!

How many of us have heard ‘just be yourself”? My mum and dad often said this to me as a child when I felt anxious about something…and the more they said it, the more frustrated I felt!

It’s taken a lifetime to see how I’ve tried to be someone who I thought I should be, who I thought others wanted me to be, and just didn’t have a clue how to be myself. I tried to live up to expectations, beliefs that limited, and focused on what was lacking. Now … I’m learning how simple it is to change this by opening your heart and accepting yourself fully, ‘the good bad and the ugly.’ The burden dissolves, no more searching – you come home to yourself.

Opening your heart and feeling the sheer joy of being alive, the expansion… your focus moves to your strengths and you don’t worry about what you think is lacking, it’s an illusion anyway! You understand that you’re more capable than you imagine and when you allow yourself to be guided by your heart, you feel everything is possible! There’s no longer a battle going on inside … your personality is guided by your soul.

You may have no idea where you’re going, yet feel clearer on what matters. You treat your self and others with kindness. You’ve done the internal work, now it’s time to find your community where you can finally be yourself because you’re in a place where everyone already knows who you are and loves you for it!

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