What if… you don’t want to change?

You’ve spent years working on personal development, you feel passionate about change and growth, yet somehow it’s just not happening. Life doesn’t flow. You are perhaps not as happy as you’d like to be, however it doesn’t make you so miserable that you can’t continue as you are. What if… you come to see that you don’t want to change your behaviour, you just want to find a way to be happy without making any change?

In the past I’ve been in this situation, it’s really uncomfortable to own it … and its liberating to see it because once you acknowledge the truth, you’ve not wanted to change, the irony is you can change!

First, you need to accept this is how it is, without judgement, and then ask yourself what do you want. The opportunity then is for your soul to help your personality to see how much better it could be if you did change! Your personality will want to resist, however if you’re disciplined in listening, it will happen. Your soul always has a voice, you just don’t hear it if you’re pretending to be someone you’re not.

Being real, being yourself, includes being honest about everything! And…people change when they realise they need to change.

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