What is the one gift…

If there is one gift that you could give to the world at this time, what might it be?

What quality do you feel would make a difference? Perhaps…peace of mind, kindness, passion, self- acceptance, integrity, inner joy, or, something else?

Making a new start, imagining the world in which you want to live, who you want to be, it’s great to reflect on what matters to you. And…what difference it would make if you embraced this quality yourself? How might it help you to live the life you want – to feel passionate and take care of your needs, to feel whole – and to uplift the energy of everyone around you?

Of course, you also want to understand how we see ourself now, what you see as being your strengths and weaknesses, to acknowledge them, and then look ahead to how you can become more of who we are, what actions you can take to be who you are becoming.

One of the greatest gifts is self acceptance. Acceptance brings grace. And the wonderful thing is once you accept yourself, you will more readily accept others, no longer react.

Acceptance of All That Is brings peace into our heart, we can live in harmony with respect of the world around us.

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