What are you connected to?

How connected are you?

What are you connected to?

Are you connected to the internet… to your mind… your heart, your intuition… to the Spirit within you?

More and more, we see people communicating by email, text, Messenger. What happened, I wonder, to having a conversation?

The challenge with communication via technology is that the connection tends to be mental, it’s all about what we think, our senses are deprived, and there’s little, if any, feeling of energy which can lead to misunderstanding and judgement. And …  sometimes the energy can be cold.

In the workplace, we often start off in a position where value is placed on what we know. As we progress, more and more emphasis is attached to our emotional intelligence, our inter-personal skills, how we build relationships and collaborate with others. We become mindful of managing our thoughts, directly perceiving and accepting things as they are without judgement. Then, we may become more interested in our purpose in life and being of service rather than what we do, or what our title says. We connect to our heart and know that we are connected to something much larger than our self, we are interconnected to every form of life.

How connected are you to your emotions?  How well do you manage your emotions? How can you find ways to enhance emotional resilience when you face challenges or setbacks?

We need to ‘know thyself’ – be aware of our beliefs, perceptions, the way we see the world, and why we’re here. To be able to see all aspects of who we are – our ego and our Higher Self. To understand what triggers us, and learn to be with any uncomfortable emotions that in fact offer us a gift.

That then opens the door to connecting with our innate wisdom and compassion, our Higher Self, and we feel a sense of inner balance.

What do you connect to ?

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