Water, water…

Conscious of the world shifting and changing, observing wild weather patterns and power struggles in constitutions across the globe, these past few weeks we’ve been looking at the topic of change, conflict, anger, fire… within relationships.

Of course our most important relationship is with ourself – between our personality and soul, and between aspects of our personality – and that is reflected in the energy we send out into the world. When we feel at odds with ourself, it’s an opportunity to resolve a soul lesson and align.

So…it’s good to understand how our qualities and the different elements of our energy work in balance or out of balance. For example, fire can warm or blaze, it can motivate and inspire, or destroy. It operates well through air – inspiration through creativity – while it becomes impatient with the slowness of water.

What about water? Water is about how we feel, how we give and receive love. It’s the element that nurtures our self and others , and is sensitive to signals around us. It’s the energy of flow, serenity, compassion; and where we hold our fears. When we love and accept ourself, it’s easier to accept others. Those with a strong water element can be easily consumed by relationships and the needs of others, oversensitive to others’ energy. There can be floods of tears; sometimes a dam bursts if feelings have been suppressed.

Water represents our emotional body; and when we’re trapped in our emotional body, it creates the feelings that lead to judgments. The perception of the emotional body is that we must never feel anything uncomfortable or unpleasant.

Those with an archetype whose element is water may feel incomplete without a  partner and give totally, they can lose their sense of identity in a relationship. Or, they may have a strong need to understand hidden motivations and constantly be asking ‘why?’

Of course, our personality consists of different aspects, elements, we have four archetypes, and the trick is to have them working together in balance. Collaboration. If you feel water is the dominant element within you, what other element could assist you to feel a sense of  stability?

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