Are you willing to trust yourself knowing that you have value and live in alignment with what matters to you?

Are you willing to stop controlling life and trust in your ability to respond to life?

Are you willing to take risks so you can learn to rely on yourself?

Making a new start in life, whether it’s something we choose or something thrown upon us, trust is one of our most important tools. Through stepping forward without knowing our destination, we find our resilience, our ability to recover from anything that life throws at us, knowing we will always find our way back to balance.

How do we learn to trust again when as children we were perhaps not taken care of, or, as adults our hearts have been broken and we feel betrayed?

When Gwennie came for coaching, her goal was to gain confidence and a feeling of self-worth. Her father had abandoned the family when she was 8, then later as a young teenager she had been sexually abused by her step-father, and her mother turned a blind eye. Her parents didn’t keep her safe; they didn’t take care of her needs. Consequently, she didn’t feel loved, valued or respected – she felt that she had little value, she was afraid to trust.

As an adult, she didn’t trust her ability to make decisions – instead she constantly sought approval and had to do things “right” – according to what others thought was “right”.

Gwennie came to see that she needed to do the one thing she feared most – to trust herself and risk being vulnerable. To respect and value herself enough to trust her heart, her thoughts, her feelings, her soul. And that meant to risk being rejected.

Moving forwards, Gwennie set the intent of living with respect, and the actions she chose to change her habit of distrust included:

· Speaking what was true for her, sharing her thoughts and feelings. To do this, she first had of course to understand who she was.

· Creating strong, healthy boundaries

· Letting go of ‘good/bad’ decisions, knowing that as long as she was making choices it was part of her journey.

· Treating herself with kindness and compassion – no more negative self-talk.

In what area of your life might you be more trusting? When it comes to your journey, how willing are you to allow Spirit to lead the way?

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