True or nice?

One of the three primary colours, blue is associated with the energy of your throat chakra and expressing yourself fully and freely. To be able to do this, you’ll feel secure physically (red), know your value (orange), and have the confidence (yellow) to express yourself, knowing what’s in your heart (green). Sounds simple…

The learning can be to move beyond any tendency to go along with others, saying what others want to hear because you don’t want to upset people, you’ve been brought up to be ‘nice’. You may sugar-coat things. Behind this can be a worry about not being accepted or being judged. At the other end of the spectrum, it may be about letting go any habit of gossiping ….or interrupting people, which means that you’re not giving them your full attention, you aren’t really listening, you’re thinking about what you want to say. Communication is about listening too!

If you’re challenged to speak in the moment, you can take a breath, pause, and consciously focus on your heart, what it wants to say, what’s true for you … and then be mindful of the energy in your voice.

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