True or false?

Over the past month we’ve looked at personal development from the perspective of being real. What if we don’t know who the ‘real’ me is?

As a newborn, we come into the world with unlimited potential. The diamond within our heart is just that, it’s the spark of light within each of us that is our uniqueness, that is multi-faceted, embracing everything. And, no matter what happens in life, it can never be taken away from us.

Introduced as children to our parents’ beliefs and expectations as to what matters in life, how we should be, perhaps what we should do, somehow these messages, the ‘do’s and don’ts’ can get in the way of the idea that anything is possible. They put us squarely in our head, and can have us feel afraid that we might not be loved if we dare to express how we feel, so we put on an act.

The question is to what extent do you limit yourself to someone’s opinion of who you should be? And what impact does that have on you?

We each have a real self and a false self (some of us have many false selves!)  … and it’s our job to recognise which is which and how we want to live. Only when we open our heart can we be who we really are.

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