True joy

In our last blog, we touched on the topic of choosing to be joyful rather than be angry and reactive, or, live in grief and pain. What is joy? Thinking of joy, we might remember occasions when we felt really happy, when we felt a sense of sheer delight. Perhaps when we… received a gift, or some words, that touched our heart….savoured a great meal, superb wine, enjoyed fun company…when we connected with somewhere special in nature. These moments of happiness tend to be fleeting and are dependent on something external to us.

True joy is who we are, it’s our natural state of being. It’s quiet, peaceful, knowing, regardless of what’s happening externally. We find it when we connect to the diamond within our heart, when we listen our soul, whose role is to guide us, to help us empower our self so we can serve others. We find it when we let go of expectations, fears and judgements, when we’re happy to be who we are, warts and all, when we respond rather than react to life and accept what is.

Our heart, John the Beloved tells us, is “The wellspring of joy. When your heart is engaged, when it’s open, it’s not about emotion, it’s about joy”. There’s no emotion when we’re connected – our soul doesn’t have feelings, its an energy.

If we want to be real, there will be times when we feel grumpy and that’s ok. However, if we feel our energy is heavy and sense its having an impact on others, we can go to a memory, a time, when we felt uplifted, feel it, and take that feeling into our day. Going a step further, we can align with our soul, and connect to our inner joy. The joy of embracing everything, finding delight in the world around us, and allowing everything to come to us.

Remember diamonds bring joy to others through their brilliance!

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