At a soul level, for red diamonds, the learning is about creating a strong foundation based on the energy of goodwill. Letting go of any selfishness and instead focusing on others, letting go of any attachment to things having to be this way or that and accepting what is, transforming personal will and contributing to the greater good, humanity, the planet itself. Transmuting fire energy into loving purpose.

If you see that within your energy you can be bossy, arrogant, impatient, for example…. choose to focus on the clear vision, the sharpness and brilliance of mind and strength of purpose that also exist within you , and look to demonstrate mature leadership, relying on your inner power, your guidance which loves and respects all.

To reach its full potential, the diamond needs to be placed in the hands of the creator so it will serve its purpose of being of value to others,

The colour red is about getting out of your head and into your heart. Living without expectation…simply setting an intent in your heart, letting go of any outcome… being your best self, cultivating a generosity of spirit and embracing the mystery of life itself.

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