Time to pause…

With so many of us now staying at home to look after our health and wellness and that of those around us, it might just be said said that the Universe is offering us time to pause and simply be present. To enjoy time with our loved ones, moments of love and laughter, togetherness, whether physical or online. To share food together. To see how much beauty there is in our life.

And, while some of us may take the time to catch up with jobs around the house, tidy the garden, clear a to-do list of admin, there’s also an opportunity to be still and go within, to reflect on what really matters to us, to be creative about what we want to do differently – for the world will never be the same again.

Seeing the essential services coming together, uniting, giving so selflessly for the good of all, can we see the same openheartedness and generosity of spirit in our self? We all have it; sometimes however we may shield it to protect our self. How would it be for you to focus on all the love being shared rather than the fears? Together we are stronger.

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