The spirit of who we are

When we align to all our elements, we connect to the element of aether, Spirit, the gift of creation and the Essence of All That Is. Aether is the joy of all four elements working cohesively. It’s the spark of light, our connection to the divine within our heart  – the diamond within our heart. When you connect to that light, you connect to the real you.

It’s the energy that allows us, as we go about our day, to respond from a place of love, not react from fear. It wears a quiet confidence and self acceptance. You believe in yourself and feel whole. You are not brash, you don’t shout about what you’re doing so that others can see you in a good light. You visualise and dream of what might be possible.

And, when we connect to this energy in our heart, we feel a quiet sense of joy, of peace and serenity. So, aether is the joy of all our elements working together in harmony.

Why would you want to explore the elements of your makeup? To understand why you are how you are without criticism, and use your strengths so you can enjoy life.

How do you know if you’ve got all four elements? You know when you know your archetypes and astrological signs. Some of us will have all the elements, others will have a focus on two or three.

When we feel upset, when our buttons are pushed and we feel we are see-sawing, we can ask Spirit to show us where our elemental makeup is out of balance, which archetypes are not talking to each other, which is perhaps dominating.

Is this something you’d like to explore?

When we celebrate who we are , we honour the diamond within our heart.

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