The beauty of seeing both sides

If you were to think of people in your life, who might you see as ‘green’ and how might you describe their energy, how they are?

Often able to see two sides of things, for me green can be a see saw energy, sometimes having you argue with yourself which means that decisions can be a struggle and there can be a tendency to procrastinate. And, with a desire for harmony, there may be a fear offending people which can have you playing the role of peacemaker, sometimes over-eager to compromise.

When you have a habit of pleasing others, often everything is about trying to be someone who you ‘think you should be’ and when that happens you can lose who you are naturally.

If you realise this is you, then it’s simply a case of getting to know yourself again, finding peace within yourself rather than looking to keep the peace externally, and you can do this by activating the diamond and coming home to your heart.

The beauty of seeing both sides of things is that you can see the beauty each … and walk the middle path looking for a way to collaborate and do things together!

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