Talking to ourself

D’you ever find yourself talking to yourself…out loud? It’s easy to joke about talking to our self … many of us do it, I know I do! Seriously, the question perhaps is…how do you talk to yourself… internally?

Words carry energy, they shape our thoughts and deeds, and how we talk to ourself has a huge impact on how we respond or react to situations in life. So…

  • are you at peace and accepting of yourself, happy to be you
  • d’you encourage and inspire your self
  • are you respectful and kind to your self?

When we don’t value and accept who we are, our inner critic can have us doubt, worry about getting it right, and have a habit of taking things personally, seeing ourself as a victim. If we’re cold and critical towards ourself, we will have created a story.

We can change the story, get rid of any sense of victimhood or superiority, and see how our soul has offered us a gift, of moving beyond it, so we can learn and grow. We can look at how we were then, and appreciate who we are becoming.

We all have warmth and light within us – we just need to let go of the judgements of our self to find the diamond within our heart. It’s all about self acceptance, seeing our uniqueness, our potential.

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