Standing upright and strong


Do you stand tall, confident in who you are, happy to learn and grow? Or, do you play small and give your power away to others?

Do you feel you have the freedom to be who you want to be so you can focus on the joy of your service? Or, is your focus on helping another achieve what they want to achieve?

Can you celebrate being you as someone who stands alone in their light, walks their sacred path, who is not an extension of another?

What do you choose?

When we lack confidence in our self and fear being criticised, it’s easy to be manipulated by others. If this is you, the question to ask is why is this happening, what is your soul trying to tell you? Then, you can ask how can you change the pattern.

You cannot stand as a diamond if you look to others to confirm what you know.

So, how can you strengthen your confidence in yourself?

See yourself more clearly, more fully, and appreciate your value!


 “When we appreciate all our facets,

when we have the confidence to be all of who we are,

 we shine brightly just like the sun”.


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