Some things we can control…

Looking at how you can support yourself through any uncertainty…rather than resist what’s happening, when you accept what is, you can then look at what you can control and what action to take to move forward. There’s always something constructive you can do…even if you don’t know where you’re going!

For example, if you unexpectedly lose your job, you have control over what you do to find new work, eg searching online, sending out your CV, networking with contacts. This allows you to feel that you are problem solving.

If your relationship is going through a challenging time, if you don’t like or understand something that your partner is doing, you can be honest about how you feel and talk about it rather than pretend it’s not happening or make assumptions. You have choice.  

If you anticipate a typhoon, a Covid lockdown, there are things you can do to prepare and this helps you feel less afraid of all the “what-if’s”.

Most importantly,, you can control who and how you be; and it’s always good to find a way to be calm. Focusing on your breath, meditation, connecting with the diamond, these are the greatest tools to feel secure within yourself … and be a light for others. Practically you can learn to do things differently and move beyond anything that feels uncomfortable.

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