Seeing your gifts

How well do you see:

  • your personal strengths and gifts
  • the learning, the gift of your journey so far
  • the gift of others in your life?

When times are tough, it’s easy to lose our self assurance and feel that we’re not the kindest, smartest, most caring, funniest, whatever…. person in the world. At such times, the best thing we can do is to focus on our strengths and gifts to ground who we are.

We are all children of the divine, we’ve each been given unique strengths and gifts to use to fulfil our purpose and make a contribution to the lives of others – no matter how negatively you might see yourself.

And… sometimes seeing the shadow of our gifts can be as valuable as our gifts themselves. Our shadow itself may hide gifts. Energy is simply energy, it covers a wide spectrum, and we learn through polarity.

When we widen our perspective, we can see our life with new eyes.

It’s good to look back at our childhood, the foundation of our love and our pain, to understand what we were taught and how we should be, to see how it benefited, and, limited us. We may have been offered a lot of “don’ts” with the result that we disowned certain parts of who we are. When we turn away from any imagined ugliness, it can be that we’re at the same time turning away from our beauty. When we can see the beauty in what we once rejected, we find the gift!

And the gift of others in our life… Do you see them as equals, are you kind and open-hearted?

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