Seeing what you are capable of …

I think we all have to agree – our world at the moment is going through a bit of a shake up! More and more of us are being asked to stay at home to protect our health and the wellness of our community. Of course we will have concerns. We also have an opportunity to pause and look at what’s happening in the world, what we’d like to change, who we are and how we want to change, and then get creative.

There’s darkness in the world, there’s darkness within our self. And, where there’s darkness, there is light; you can’t have one without the other!

Taking time now to recognise our shadow aspects, to see how we sabotage ourself, we can let go of old ways and birth something new. And, rather than judge what you see, or try to remove an aspect eg pride, you can look at what you are comfortable claiming.

How capable do you see yourself to be?

When you feel uncertain as to ‘who am I’, you may feel a bit shy, a bit self conscious claiming what you are capable of – in fact, you may fear that you are bragging. Often when this how it is, it’s because you don’t truly believe what you say you are capable of.

You don’t believe you are capable because you have not identified in what ways you are capable. So, it’s easy to fear that you are bragging because, if someone said ‘prove it’, you wouldn’t know where to begin.

When you don’t know who we are, often we tell ourselves stories, illusions that create ‘fake news’ if you like, based on past memories, that keep on tripping us up. At some point, the story might stop serving us in which case we have the opportunity to shatter the fake news …and find who we are!

When you look at who you are and can recognise that you are pretty good at this or that, rubbish at other things, it’s about acknowledging – quietly – in your heart. Bragging on the other hand is an energy that is loud, it’s a fanfare, it wants everyone to pay attention and see how important you are.

Until we can acknowledge who we are, we can never acknowledge another.

How can you use your strengths to unite with and assist others at this time?

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