Say ‘Yes’ to life!

You’ve set the intent of approaching life from a place of feeling free to embrace all that life offers. You plan to anticipate joyfully, to be open to opportunities. You believe in endless possibilities. How do you live that – practically?

Working backwards, you need to be clear about who you are, connecting to your heart and allowing your Higher Self to guide you. Be open to the signals Spirit is offering, and be enthusiastic about exploring them. This is where magic happens. If you feel wild and out of control, all the better!

Being clear about who you are means seeing who you are beyond the masks you wear. You need to understand your expectations, your excuses, the beliefs that limit you, be aware of the ways that you diminish yourself, your self criticisms. Then, change the frequency of your thoughts and words – change your mindset and let go of your fears. If you tend to worry, change the habit. Each time you hear yourself say ’what if ….something negative happens’, change the thought to ‘what if…something wonderful happens’. Your thoughts create your reality, so give your energy to imagining something amazing!

The sky is not your limit, your mind is.

Love with your mind. When you practise living with acceptance and kindness, see how the world smiles at you.

Enjoy being you – live your passion – show your quirkiness. Share the good things in your life.

Be spontaneous and say ‘yes’ to everything – who knows where it might lead! When you feel an excitement about what you’re doing, when you are aligned with your purpose, you are always supported by Spirit.

When we look at the world with a love of life, the world will reveal its beauty to us’. Daisaku Ikeda

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