Pushed to the edge? Celebrate!

Sometimes we need to break to let go and heal.

When we have pressure upon pressure piled on us, often its the case that we are simply being asked to let go and surrender and ask for help. Do you allow yourself to go that far?

When we’re going through any period of intense change, when we feel that our world has been turned upside down, it’s normal to hold on tightly to control. However, if we judge that it’s weak to show our emotions, we may try so hard to hold it all together, to be strong and to cope with it all because we don’t want to be a burden to others, that we become exhausted to breaking point.. And that’s precisely the time when it’s a good idea to open your heart, be vulnerable, let out all your emotions, and ask Spirit for guidance.

In Japan, broken pottery is often repaired with gold lacquer, the cracks visible to show the story of the object and highlighting it’s fragility, strength and beauty. We humans are fragile and some life experiences can knocks us for six, change can feel harsh, and leave us feeling that our life has been shattered. Sometimes things need to be broken so that what is precious within can impact the world.

The beauty of things falling apart is the opportunity to rebuild, to rediscover you. Once you’ve fallen apart, you can pick yourself up and do just that. As my mentor says, when you feel you can no longer cope, celebrate! Just don’t pick up control again – learn to do things differently.

Change can open you, deepen you and enrich your life. Imagine a new world dawning…..

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