“People who ask don’t get!”…?

“People who ask don’t get!”. Did you ever hear that expression growing up? I know I did. The perception was that it’s not polite to ask, it’s greedy. This belief however is something that limits enormously.

When our emotional buttons are tweaked, when we don’t want to risk being disliked or judged, we can feel uncertain in stating our boundaries or asking for what we want. We can swallow our feelings; we might feel ashamed of our situation and not want to be seen to be incompetent. And, if we believe we’ve not been taken care of in the past, we may think that we need to do take care of everything ourself. Our pride can get in the way of asking for what we want.

When we feel confident about who we are, we attract what we want …whether it’s a promotion, a successful business, a happy relationship, many friends…

When we accept who we are as we are, we find our voice and speak passionately about what matters to us. We can ask for what we want. We can create our own spiritual belief system.

Of course, what matters most is connecting with the diamond and asking what it asks of us.

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