Peace and joy

Soon it will be Christmas and many cards are carry a messages of peace and joy. On the surface, you have to admit there’s lots of turmoil in our world today, so how can we find peace and joy, you might ask?

What I’ve learned is that we only find peace and joy when we open our heart and accept what is.

When we live from our mind, too often it’s from a place of thinking about what is right, how things should be, pushing for whatever outcome we want, worrying about ‘what if”, and struggling over ‘why’ or ‘when’. It’s exhausting, isn’t it? And, when our mind is critical and judges or blames ourselves or others, our heart closes and we get stuck in our rejection

On the other hand, when we appreciate the little things in life, when we’re kind and compassionate, when we see the beauty in everything, we get in touch with our heart.

We find peace in our heart when we let go of the conflict within, the struggle between who I am and the glamour of who I think I should be. We find peace when we live in the present. The moment we get out of the present, the moment we need to control things, we cut ourselves off from our heart.

Surrendering to the spirit within us, connecting to the diamond within our heart, we know we’re never alone, we’re always supported. Where else can you find a greater feeling of security?

This Christmas, what if… you were to give the gift of surrender to yourself, how might that look?

“If it’s to be, it begins with me”, my mentor says. If we want to create a world of peace and joy, we need to start within. When we let go of control and surrender to the unknowable, when we allow the Universe to bring whatever will support us, to show us the next step and then the next, the results are amazing, so much more than we could ever have imagined!

Merry Christmas to you all!

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