Feeling free within yourself to embrace all that life offers, saying ‘yes’ to life, we feel energised, optimistic…passionate!

What if … you feel something is missing? Often, it’s because we’re out of alignment. Our soul is asking us to be more of who we are, to re-connect with our passion, our purpose, our dreams. It’s as if we’ve taken a little detour…

We’re not sure how it happened, life simply got in the way and it’s the same old, same old routine existence. Perhaps we now give all our time to work or our children, and there’s no time for fun, spontaneity or doing what we love. We’ve lost our exuberance.

We can remember… and reignite our passion. Remember what you loved to do as a child, when you’ve felt happiest and most fulfilled, what excites you, what inspires you, what you love to explore, what makes you feel fully alive – and look for the common threads. What do you care about most? What would you like to create or support for the benefit of people around you? It doesn’t have to be ‘grand’. It could simply be feeling the earth between your fingers, being in the garden; singing in a choir, bringing joy;  being the real you. Of course, we sometimes discover new passions. When we do something that we feel passionate about and it comes with ease, there’s a good chance it’s what we’re meant to do!

Without passion, we may have an idea of where we want to go in life, however lack the motivation. Passion is the spark behind purpose; and it takes away any sense of obligation, instilling it with a sense of fun. When we’re passionate, we feel comfortable being who we are, we’re prepared to take risks, and we shine brightly. As we express more of what we love, we align with who we truly are, and we become alive!

If you don’t allow yourself to feel, you won’t feel the fire of your passion going forward.


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