Opening your heart to your guidance.

D’you ever feel that you’re holding it together by the skin of your teeth, you’re fighting whatever you’re facing in life or using force to will your life into happening the way you think it should? Sometimes we need to stop thinking we have to do it all by ourself, stop telling ourself we can handle it, just let it go and feel how we really feel…and then ask our guidance for help.

The funny thing is … Spirit is always there for us and it’s a lot easier doing it together! And, all is well even when you don’t think it is.

When you think you have to do everything yourself, your control is a protection for your emotional body, for avoiding your feelings. Rather than wait until life breaks down, see that your heart is you and the Diamond is Spirit.

When you connect to the diamond within your heart, you open your heart to your guidance and allow things to happen in the right time. Is it time to change?

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