Open arms

These last few months we’ve been looking at colour as just one way to understand energy and its qualities, to understand yourself…and others. The great thing is it helps you to be more accepting.

Magenta, an energy that feels feminine, gentle and caring, welcomes people with open arms and lives life with respect and kindness.

Emotionally, the learning is to know that you are enough, to feel safe and secure being just who you are, and have faith knowing that no matter what happens you’re always taken care of. You won’t be swayed by what others think, you’ll stand strong in who you are, and be able to detach from outcome. The focus is very much on the here and now.

This energy can be easily irritated and, when it feels impatient or overwhelmed, it can come across as a bit bossy and demanding, so the trick is to stop and breathe, ground yourself, and be inclusive.

Does this sound like you? What other qualities do you see in magenta?

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