Mining the diamond

How well are you managing the tremendous change that we’re all experiencing right now?

I’d like to suggest that only when we dig deep within our core, do we find any sense of stability.

When we connect to the diamond within our heart, what we get, that we can find nowhere else, is a sense of calm, the knowing that all is well – no matter what is happening around us. We may not like or understand what is happening, however we know there is a plan and everything happens for a reason. We know we are always taken care of. Nothing on earth gives us a greater feeling of security than when we connect to the diamond.

What is the diamond within our heart?

It’s our connection to All That Is, the Divine. The part of us that is pure love. A gift of love, a spark of light. Our uniqueness, our potential, who we really are – spirit.

Where do we find the diamond?

We find it deep within our core, and, to get to it we need to go through the process of opening our heart.

How do we find it?

By going on an expedition and mining, digging deep into your core to see what’s there that’s valuable. It can be dirty work! And the joy of finding it …it’s beyond measure!

Created deep within the core of the earth, brought to the surface by volcanic eruption, most diamonds today are billions of years old, just as our soul can be aeons of years old! Carbon has to endure a lot of pressure and heat to go from black to clear to become the diamond – just as we do on our soul journey.

What’s left is a rough diamond, which can then be cut, shaped, refined and polished to reveal the brilliance within and radiate clear light. Have you ever heard of the expression ‘a diamond in the rough’? It’s used to describe someone of great potential who simply has yet to be refined or polished. A hidden gem!!! Perhaps you?

To be continued….

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