Mining the diamond – what lies within.

The process of mining the diamond requires us to dig deep, and, when we first discover the diamond, the external appearance can be rough. The naked eye is unable to determine the diamond’s worth from its appearance. And so, it can be for us as humans. We need to go beyond the external appearance and see the significance of who we are. We need to see the divine within – the divine that is within each of us.

When a rough diamond is extracted from carbon, tiny traces of natural elements are almost always trapped inside. These elements are called inclusions, sometimes seen as flaws because that’s how society sees things. However, they are the characteristics within our diamond that give us our special signature, our uniqueness.

Cutting and polishing… is the process of transforming a rough diamond into a brilliant display of light. Polishing is the final stage when the diamond’s facets are polished to reflect the maximum amount of white light. In terms of our spiritual journey, it’s about accepting our self and transforming into love.

For all that we may resist conflict or challenging experiences, sometimes rubbing up against each other is what is needed for us to smooth the facets of who we are. Fire is the energy that begins the process of transformation. With every challenge we meet, there’s an opportunity to accept something we’ve yet to fully accept about who we are. A rough piece of the surface can be worn off and a smooth, polished facet created.

Because we’re both personality and soul and our soul’s purpose is to guide us, to help us move beyond our fears and limitations, and a state of fire by friction can be set up. If you’re feeling upset about something, you might like to see the situation as a set up to learn! Sometimes the people to whom we are closest can be the ones with whom the friction is greatest.

To be continued…

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