Make a difference – smile!

When things are tough and we’re not sure what we can do, we wonder how we can make a difference, one of the simplest gifts we can offer is a smile. Every human being longs for connection. A smile is a simple, pure, humble connection. When we smile, we offer our light, and a moment when the other feels recognised, acknowledged, accepted. It costs nothing, it uplifts, the impact can be huge – it can be contagious!

Opening our hearts… When we’ve been hurt, its normal to protect our heart. There comes a time however when we need to open it up again. The simplest way I’ve found is to imagine your heart smiling, and then smile at everyone you meet. It’s amazing to see what happens in return. Some people may be uncertain, some may think you’re crazy; many more will smile in return. There are so many divisions in the world – nations, races, religions, economic circumstances. Each time you smile, you activate the possibility of change and coming together.

Children, they estimate, smile 400 times a day. Adults by comparison may only smile 20-40 times a day. How can we take ourselves less seriously? A friend and I, who each like to do things ‘my way’, have found it good to laugh at ourselves as one says ‘let’s turn right’ and  the other says ‘let’s go left’.

How can you be more light-hearted and smile more?

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