Let’s dance!

Everyone is a dancer. The question perhaps is ‘do you allow yourself to dance?’. You can’t be Spirit and not dance. When we allow our self to dance, it’s an open door to being without any qualification, being limitless – you don’t ‘have to” do this, you don’t ‘have to’ do that, you can simply be and enjoy the moment. Forget any challenges and simply enjoy the true beauty of being alive.

What gets in the way of us dancing? It’s the old story – the need to control, the earth energy wanting to be in control.  When we’re unaccustomed to being without qualification, it’s all too easy to feel that you’re out of control, and so control jumps in and the rhythm stops.

When we dance, the energy is dynamic. On the other hand, the energy of control is static – it holds everything the way it is or ‘should be’ and so everything is measured. Spontaneity disappears.

Our soul moves to its own natural internal rhythm. D’you ever stop to observe that rhythm? Life in the physical world where we’re bombarded by so much energy, where we’re expected to do things quickly, time seems to be getting faster and we can feel stressed and frazzled. Connect to the diamond within your heart and you connect to a sense of acceptance and peace – it’s as if time expands.

Dance, you might say, is the ultimate surrender, the time when we can truly let go and simply let it be. So, in the words of the old saying – dance as if no-one is watching you!

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