It’s what’s inside that matters.

It can happen. When you get your sense of value from something external…perhaps your status at work, your relationship…when you lose that, what are you left with? How do you feel about yourself? When it occurs unexpectedly, you can feel knocked sideways and sometimes feel incapable of making decisions.

The great thing is how you feel about yourself is determined by you alone, and it’s who you are inside that matters.

When you understand who you are and accept all of who you are, when you are happy to be you…that internal sense of being sees you through any uncertainty life presents.

Who you are is enough, you don’t need any more of anything, you simply need to open your heart to yourself. And that’s why you activate the diamond within your heart. The heart of the diamond is the potential to reflect light. What matters is what’s inside…in your heart, the part of you that is pure love, the spark of light, who you really are.

See the beauty and blessings in who and where you are.

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