? I have confidence…. ?

A few weeks ago, I went to see the movie ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ and was reminded of the song from the original film ‘I have confidence…. ‘ when the nanny, ‘practically perfect in every way’, had doubts about how she was going to look after seven children. I think I would too!

Feeling the freedom to embrace all that life offers…often means taking risks, and it’s through stretching oursleves that we learn and grow. We learn to count on ourselves, we find our inner strength, our resilience.

What does confidence mean to you?

Where in your life could you benefit from taking a risk?

How could having compassion for yourself support you in having the confidence to take more risks?

What makes us confident is our capacity to listen to our intuition and call upon our inner wisdom in any situation. When you connect with the diamond in your heart and decide to live your life by following your heart, there’s no focus on outcomes – often there are wonderful surprises.

When we feel passionate about what we’re committed to, we take risks because what matters to us is more important than any fear of failing. Of course, people may tell us that what we want to do is way too big, we’re not ready, or… it’s madness. I remember as a young girl being told by my mum and dad that moving from Scotland to London would be my ‘downfall’. Goodness knows what they made of my move to Hong Kong! Confidence is built on doing what matters, on keeping going even when you feel you can’t do it, and picking yourself up whenever you fall over.

Sometimes our inner critic can give us a harder time than those around us, in which case it’s good to learn to approve of yourself!

Where in your life could you benefit from being vulnerable and taking a risk? Do you need to initiate a challenging conversation… express an opinion…share some awkward feelings? Its in our relationships we often grow most.

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