How does your heart speak to you?

With so much noise and distraction in the world, with emotions swirling around, when you just don’t know what to do, it can be tricky to hear your heart speak. It’s good therefore to step away from situations, to breathe, be silent, still, and ask for guidance. You can do that any place any time, it just takes practise and a willingness to listen.

How d’you know you’re hearing your heart? For some of us, it can be a visual message, for a few it can be auditory, for many it’s simply a knowing that feels clear. Sometimes we get a physical clue – we feel goosebumps or the hair stands up at the back of our head. Other times the message comes through our dreams… or something we read, we observe. It’s our sixth sense.

Our intuition has a sense of calm, it never explains itself or tells you why, it offers no guarantees, it shows us what’s possible. Our mind, on the other hand, tells us what you ‘should’ do (according to your beliefs and expectations), it doubts, worries, criticises – it looks to control and often has an urgency about it. So, if you feel pushed to do something, you might want to stop and wait.

Going through any change in life can be both exciting and scary; we need to trust ourself. Listening to your heart is the only way to become more of who you are.

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