How do you see things?


This week many of us may find our thoughts turning to love and romance.  With Valentines Day celebrations in the air, it’s a time to celebrate the love in our life.

It can be a tough time for some – for those who have lost a loved one, those going through the process of divorce, those who feel alone and think they don’t matter.

Having experienced divorce, I remember my heart aching, desperately wanting to find someone to love again and to be loved. And what I learned is….it’s a good idea to learn to love yourself before you jump in again!

It’s perhaps a cliche phrase, however the fact is when we don’t love and accept ourself, we often feel unseen or unheard and can worry that people will not like us and try to be someone else. Often we settle for less.

Whether you’re in a relationship with another or with your self, it’s good to ask:

  • How much do you accept yourself exactly as you are…all of your facets?
  • To what extent do you look for recognition from others?
  • Can you see the light in yourself and others, can you see everyone as your brothers?


If you feel you don’t matter, perhaps its time to explore why you feel this way?  As a child, you may have created beliefs to help you make sense of things, that however had the effect of you rejecting yourself.

Many of us experience challenges in life, always we have choice as to how we see things. We can change our beliefs, we can change our perception; we create our own reality. When we see we have value, we see we have some wonderful facets!









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