How clear are you about your value?

How secure do you feel within yourself?

How clear are you about your value?

How confident are you about the role you play and the impact you have on the wold around you?

When we go on the journey of understanding who we are, the chances are that there can be quite a few rocks on our path! We are after all here to learn and grow! We need to look at the gift of these rocks, whether they be our beliefs, fears, judgements, attitudes, anything that blocks the way; and find a way to skip over them.

If you’re not clear about your value, it may be that you struggle with who you are and the glamour of who you think you should be, or, what you think others expect of you. So, you see-saw up and down because you’re not aligned.

So, it’s good to look at what causes you to question, to hesitate, to doubt yourself?

Something that happened in childhood, where we didn’t know what to say or do, can easily have had us feel we needed to conform in order to feel safe. And so, we stop being real. It may be that we are afraid to say anything, to express how we feel…and the pattern continues, without us even knowing about it. Our self esteem wobbles.

How confident are you to ask for what you want? Many of us may think we’ve got a good sense of self worth … until we start to explore this question. In what situations might you be afraid to ask? When we uncover the fear behind it, we see the hidden voice that takes away our value, we can start to think about what we can put in place to help us.

And when you get clear about who you are, when you see and accept all the facets of who you are, and see the contribution you make to others, that’s when you find your sense of value. Security comes from an unshakeable connection to your soul. You know that you are a valid and essential part of this world. You can quietly give yourself credit. You love what you do. Life is exciting and fulfilling!

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