Hiding behind a smile

This month we’ve looked at opening our heart to our guidance. In order to protect ourselves, sometimes we shut down our emotions and we can build layers and layers around our heart all of which create a brick wall, a fortress.

Are you someone who hides behind a smile…who wants things to look pretty? Who, underneath it all, feels less and is afraid to be seen naked? If you can’t see how things are, you can’t change.

When we hide behind a smile, we … pretend to be happy when we’re not, try to be who we think we should be, all the time controlling how we appear, trying to look good, living in our head not our heart. The energy is tight, it’s exhausting, and it’s … dishonest.

Being willing to be seen naked means giving up control of appearance and being vulnerable… being who you really are. Only by opening your heart, letting go of whatever keeps us feel small, connecting to the diamond within, do you find our joy, our magic.

You can begin by looking at how we see yourself now, accepting who you are, and stop worrying about whether others accept you or not, simply be real. Life is a gift, its to be enjoyed!

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