Head and heart

This month we’re looking at a different way to be… to help us to live in peace and acceptance. Through first of all understanding and accepting who we are, then through simply being ourself.

It starts with looking at how you see ourself, discovering your strengths and gifts, uncovering your beliefs, changing any mindset or belief that is limiting; then aligning your head and your heart.

When you feel stuck, often it’s because your head and heart are out of sync, there’s a battle going on within you…your head says this, your feelings say that. Often this is your soul asking you to listen to your intuition, and allow it to guide you. To connect with the diamond within your heart.

What difference would it make if both your head and heart were for you, not against you…if they worked in tandem…your head filled with unconditional love, and your heart knowing all you need to know?

The more you accept yourself, the more at peace you are within; and the more patient and understanding you will be with others. Loving with your mind opens the door to letting go of our criticisms.

It starts with self awareness. How much fun can you have discovering the essence of who you are?

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