Freedom to embrace …

Stepping into 2019…


How do you want to expand and grow?

How can you become more of who you are?

What sort of freedom are you looking for?


When we choose to expand and grow, we need to learn to do things differently – to step out of our comfort zone where life feels safe. So, if you have a goal or a dream that you want to accomplish in the coming year, the question is what action can you take that is a bit of a stretch or a risk for you? And, what quality might you tap into that will support you in taking that risk? For example, do you need to be more trusting, accountable, creative, loving…something else? When you set the intent of being that quality, then that is what you will achieve internally.

If you want to become more of who you are, feel the heart of who you are. This is your magic, your highest potential, and its infinite. Where does your heart want to take you?

Freedom means different things to different folks. What is it for you? At the end of the day, I believe that we all want to feel free to be who we are in the moment, to find the freedom within ourselves to embrace all that life offers.

To experience that freedom, what do we need to do or be? For me, it means being trusting – trusting our self, our heart, our intuition, the universe.  It means doing what we love, living with a heart that is light. It means communicating from our heart, and, disagreeing when we need to. It means finding ways to be at peace with our self and the world around us. Accepting our current reality, taking responsibility to create the life we want, investing in that, rather than blaming or complaining or expecting others to make us happy. Being tolerant of others, accepting that everyone has a choice as to how they live and letting that be rather than thinking we know what is best for them. Changing any mindset that has limitations.

How might 2019 look for you if you set the intent of living kindly and inclusively? If you were to use this as your internal anchor, what impact might that have on your life in the year to come, on you living your highest potential?


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