Freedom in seeing the truth

With the clarity that turquoise brings, the opportunity is to see yourself fully … the good, the bad and the ugly, as they say. And, while you may want to avoid seeing any traits that show where you’re perhaps not the person you think you should be, it’s good to remember that light and shadow are part of the whole … you can choose which to focus on!

When you only see what you want to see, when you tell a story, tie things up in a pretty bow, it’s a protective mechanism, a way of avoiding something you’re afraid might be nasty. So, you can ask your intuition – is this true?

At a soul level, the turquoise diamond finds a sense of peace, of harmony through spiritual understanding and acceptance. It feels a wholeness and growing connection with others. It feels refreshed, liberated!

Living your truth. You can feel it, you know it when it happens in the little things. You let go of all the layers of conditioning, how others see you, and you’re clear about your values and beliefs. Decisions are easier, you treat your self and others with kindness. There is no longer a battle going on inside … your personality is guided by your soul. You have a sense of meaning and purpose, your focus is on making a difference. Freedom!

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