With the war between Russia and Ukraine, many of us may be pondering the idea of freedom and what it means … on a personal level, within our relationships, perhaps in our community, the world as a whole. What does freedom mean for you?

At a personal level, it may be freedom to have a voice, to feel free to say what you think and feel, freedom to be yourself. The one thing I’ve learned is that the only place we find the freedom to be ourself is when we come home to ourself and live from our heart.

The diamond within your heart, the spark of light within you, is the pure part of you that is unconditional love. And, if that diamond is green, your intrinsic nature will be looking for harmony and balance and have a desire to nurture. When you feel that sense of harmony and balance, you somehow know in your heart that everything is ok…no matter what is happening.

Green diamonds tend to be the caretakers of the world, people who are naturally nurturing and compassionate, perhaps teachers who encourage the growth of children, those who look after our animals, our gardens, our oceans.

The colour green is open and willing to change and transform, and change is not something that needs  to take years of hard work, you can do it in a nanosecond.

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