Finding your voice

New year, new start – is it time to find a new way to express yourself?

When we decide it’s time for a new start, often it’s the case that our soul is prompting us to be more of who we are.

Being who we are is about sharing who we are, our energy, our light, and expressing our self openly and fully, from our heart. Not suppressing.

Most of us can benefit from polishing our communication skills.

  • Do you say what you think is right, what will get you approval, or, do you say what you mean?
  • Do you express yourself clearly, directly, perhaps bluntly?  If this is you and you wonder why friends and colleagues don’t always warm to you, could you benefit from listening more?
  • Are you so sensitive to others feelings. so tactful, that you are evasive?
  • For those of us who are afraid to speak at all, we can choose to remain a prisoner, trapped in our silent resentment, or, we can find the courage to speak what is true for us.


Why is it that so many of us find it challenging to say what we really think and feel? What is the fear? What caused our heart to become hard and consequently has us afraid to speak up?

When we align with our self, our heart opens and we can listen to our inner voice. The gift when we then express ourself honestly and openly, and listen to others, is we experience the joy of understanding… and happier relationships.

Having a conversation becomes an opportunity to clarify what’s what, to listen to the other, and to stop taking things personally if that is our pattern. When we disagree, the trick is to be authentic and be respectful of others, and to ask yourself do things have to be the way you want them to be just because that’s what has always been done. We can look for compassionate alternatives.

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