Finding balance

How d’ you stay balanced when life is busy, busy… or the universe throws something unexpected at you?

When Carole came for coaching, she said the one thing she wanted to accomplish during our time together was a sense of balance. After a few sessions, she learned that she was afraid of being seen to be incompetent, so she spent her life trying to prove she was not. She was responsible, driven and focused on her goals.

She wanted to be acknowledged for doing a great job, and she had to do the job properly, according to the rules. At work she was a great asset. Intensely dedicated, she had a reservoir of skills and was driven by perfectionism.

She wanted to be seen as capable, a grown-up, and did not want to be questioned. She had little fun and no spontaneity, and put a lot of stress on herself trying to create the perfect combination of work, play, taking care of her health, body and friends. She wanted her life to look perfect. She was focused on appearance. External appearance.

When we feel out of balance, when we experience highs and lows of energy, often it’s due to an internal conflict between our mind and emotions. We find balance by aligning all the elements within us, finding peace and harmony within our self. When our sense of value is shaky, it’s all too easy to see-saw.

Of course, when the universe throws something unexpected at us, the opportunity is to do things differently. It’s good to flow with change, not live in a box. And its always good to start with… breathing!

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