Fertilise the ground

All things change and, as we clear away the old, as we emerge from the chrysalis, we slowly become aware of a release from worry and uncertainty. We feel calm once again. Things are going to be ok, somehow we know. We can breathe. Transformation is at work.

Now it’s time to fertilise the ground for our new beginning, to focus on what we want to create, and build a future that works for all. We have the inner energy for growth, we need to be centred and grounded. Seeds have limitless energy, and it takes time for them to grow. We need to be patient.

Looking at the world today where prejudice, violence, anger, racism, hate, greed, are plain to see, we can focus on lifting ourselves up out of the mud and asking how would it be to plant the seeds of humanity –  the seeds of kindness and compassion for ourselves and each other, of mutual respect and care for one another, of inclusion and collaboration – by developing a spirit of goodwill? What difference d’you imagine that might make?

Often when we start anew, we feel an urge towards harmonising relationships, so how can we nurture and care for each other through right human relationship, through treating everyone as equal and the same? We do this by setting aside the barriers in consciousness that have separated us. We do this by seeing the intrinsic value and uniqueness of every human being, seeing the good in one another – I see the divine in you just as I see the divine in me.

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