Feeling blue… beyond ‘if only…’

‘Feeling blue ’is one expression that can come to mind when you think of the energy of blue. Here we’re talking about feeling low, sad, moody, perhaps depressed, lonely – and of course it is normal to have these feelings when you experience loss or some major challenge.

I suspect that many of us may have felt a bit blue over the last couple of years what with Covid, wars, climate change already being with us, and now food and fuel shortages. The question is ….what’s the opportunity?

When you’re feeling blue, you might hear yourself say ‘if only’. ‘If only… I could do this or have that, life would be wonderful; if only I was this, all would be well’. ‘If only’ is wanting things to be different, it’s not accepting reality. It’s also setting your parameters on an outcome…what you’re saying is things have to happen in this particular way for you to be happy. When you let go of ‘if only…’ and are open to your intuition guiding you, to possibilities, without having to think about it, it’s amazing what the universe can bring.

Ultimately, you can build faith and optimism by going into your heart, knowing that there is a plan even though you don’t understand or like what’s happening, letting go of how you think things ‘should’ be, accepting what is, and knowing that you are never alone. When you understand that, you can allow it to colour every moment of your day and be present to what is. You can imagine what’s possible and be open to the joy of what unfolds.

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