Feel what you feel, be real!

A colour in between green and blue, the energy of turquoise is refreshing, it’s one of balance carrying a sense of calmness, serenity, and clarity of mind. And, with just a hint of yellow, it can be playful and optimistic, radiating a sense of freedom, full of life!

When it’s out of balance, emotions may be controlled so much so that they’re not expressed… and people may be pushed away. There can be an air of coldness or indifference, a self centredness. In fact, anger and pain may be denied to the point of being hidden from self. A way to feel in control, a mask, and it can be soul destroying.

When you open your heart, when you’re vulnerable and let go of the mask, you can feel what you feel, express what you feel… and be real. It may be uncomfortable, the honesty of it brings such a sense of freedom! When you come from your heart, you can change things. You can find your joy and make time for play. You can accept the ebb and flow of emotions.

Life is to be lived!

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