Excuses, excuses

Excuses, excuses, we all make them. Do you ever hear yourself say … I don’t have enough time…I don’t deserve to…I’m only… I can’t because…

If we really want to do something, we will find a way. If we don’t, we’ll find an excuse. Excuses keep us stuck.

To get clear about our excuses, a good question to ask yourself is ‘what is missing in my life’, then to answer “because…” and fill in the blank. Repeat writing ‘because… ‘ until you can go no further. It’s amazing what you can learn from this.

We use excuses to justify why we don’t have what we say we want, and, after a while we convince ourself it’s true.

For example, I once worked with a client whose father was an alcoholic and physically abused him as child then later abandoned the family when he was 14. The one thing that was missing in his life he said was intimacy, he longed to be close to someone. During our work together, he came to see that he was afraid to share his thoughts and feelings with his partner, to be vulnerable. Underneath he was afraid of confrontation, he was afraid of being abandoned – again. He said  “My father abandoned me as a child, I’ve never been able to trust anyone since”. That was his excuse. It was true.

The question is how much is your past limiting you? Excuses keep us safe; they protect us. Excuses excuse us from fulfilling our highest potential.

If you ever find yourself prickling when you hear yourself make an excuse, perhaps your soul is giving you a nudge to do things differently! And, if you want to make a completely new start and let go your excuses, contact me and we can talk about that.

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