Difference – the only thing we have in common?

Passing through Heathrow last weekend, an HSBC advertisement caught my eye. ‘Difference – the only thing we have in common’, it declared, underpinned by the tagline ‘Together we thrive’. It got me pondering.

Just as no two snowflakes are alike, we are each unique. We live our highest potential only when we can be and appreciate that uniqueness, when we can celebrate all of who we are – without bragging. Understanding what makes us unique, looking at the different facets of who we are, strengthening any aspects of our being that enable us to be more, supports us in living the purpose our Soul intended. Do you long for a stronger sense of purpose or meaning in your life?

At the same time, all is part of everything else, everything is interconnected. We are each an aspect of the Divine, and, we are each valued equally. When we connect to our heart and feel the vastness, we may feel small within that vastness, yet, when we go beyond that and connect with the diamond within our heart, we are that vastness.

We are each part of the diamond heart of the will of the Divine reflecting the brilliance of love/wisdom and embodying the hardness to withstand any darkness. Just as the different facets of a diamond together contribute to its beauty and strength, bringing out our innate qualities that may have been hidden by unconscious beliefs and attitudes is part of the process of radiating our light and bringing joy to others.

The question is …are you willing to give your heart to the will of the Divine, to be part of that diamond heart? Are you willing to be your True Self with others and be part of All That Is – so that ‘together we thrive’?

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