Difference in relationships

Accepting that we are unique, the question perhaps is …how do we manage difference in our relationships?

Since we all have our own perspectives and beliefs, differences are inevitable. What matters is how we manage these differences, and, this can make our relationship stronger or create a power struggle that tears it apart.

Is your tendency to blame the other and act as victim…or… to dominate the other? When we blame, we avoid taking responsibility for our part in any conflict, it solves nothing. When we look to control, to prove who is right, we feed our ego, and, this can destroy our relationship. Becoming angry can fuel separation.

Many power struggles come from a need to be loved and accepted. So, if you’re challenged in a relationship, it’s always good to ask – what energy is this person representing to me; where am I not accepting self that this person is showing me?

Relationships offer us an opportunity to understand our self more clearly, to see our beliefs, judgements, expectations and, when we experience conflict, the gift is to resolve any imbalance within.

When we feel hurt, it’s all too easy to close our heart as a way of protecting our self. We need to learn to open our heart again, and we can do this by understanding that those who challenge us are called by our soul to help us to love, rather than live in fear.

If you have a battle going on within yourself or your relationships, our Archetypes Mentoring programme will help you to understand your energies, show you how to use your strengths and gifts, and find harmony in all areas of your life. Contact me to have a chat about working together and see if we are a good fit. Make peace with yourself; and be at ease with who you are.

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