As we enter a new decade, a new energy, we want to be clear about who we are and where we’re going. How certain are you of yourself?

  • How clear are you in your thinking, how easily do you make decisions
  • How clear are you in terms of how you feel, how well do you manage your emotions
  • How clear are you on your values, your commitments… and your boundaries?

D’you believe you’ve got what it takes to create the life that you want?

The truth is… all it takes is to be who you truly are, is to trust yourself – your mind, your heart, your soul.

What is it that can be tricky about trusting yourself, about making choices? D’you fear getting it wrong, worry about displeasing or hurting another, or, is it the case that you feel paralysed when you anticipate the unknown?

It’s good to listen to your mental chatter. Is your mind busy, busy, lots of noise, doubts, questions? ? D’you tend to label or judge, evaluate in terms of good/bad, right /wrong, black/ white?

To what extent do you make decisions based on what you think you ‘should’ or ‘must’ do? D’you hear yourself making excuses, or complaining? Or, does your self talk have you in the role of victim?

If you feel stuck on a decision, here are some tips on how to make choices in line with who you are:

  • Trust your intuition, honour your feelings, act on your commitments
  • Ask your heart– what do I really want? When you’re clear on the ‘what’, the how will take care of itself
  • Set your intent, do your best, let go of any outcome
  • Allow yourself to make ‘mistakes’ which are simply opportunities to grow.
  • Risk … have a go! When you learn to do things that feel uncomfortable, your confidence grows, and ultimately you will know you can count on yourself.

Of course, it all begins with being clear about ‘who am I’.

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